, the simple PayPal online store creator

I just created a simple PayPal store creator, It enables you to sell digital stuff online and collects payments via PayPal. By the help of IPN, it can be accepting orders 24 / 7 and automatically delivering the goods after confirming the customer payment. Completely autopilot.

The original idea was to enable uploading and downloading of the product package. However, because I want to make this free, I’d better not take on the overwhelming bills of bandwidth, so I’m afraid for now, the users / merchants have to host the files themselves and provide but a download link to the cargo when creating the store at

Please feel free to go ahead and test the small application and let me know of your ideas in the forum.

Did I mention that you can create coupons or promo codes for your products so the buyers can get promotional discounts? 😉

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  1. Hello Kavoir:

    I started a publishing business a year ago to market and sell downloadable digital content that I create in my project management and technology systems consultancy. In what I call a “test before you invest” scenario, I created a website, for blogging about my products, and use as my shopping cart vendor and for placing my products for sale on their marketplace. Those options saved me the time and effort in setting up my publishing business, but now I’m ready to combine the two.

    The e-junkie marketplace is huge, and many independents like me need a one-stop solution for placing products on our own sites for sale. An alternative to the Google Checkout gadget is something I’d like able to use for my site (its hosted on Google sites for now), as I plan to move my site to for hosting.

    You might find that there are enough users out there to make your efforts very profitable. I know you have your own competitor to e-junkie, but we’re not going to move to anything else; its just too cheap and useful to chance it.


    Eric Jubert

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