Yet Another Joomla Template Including Original PSD, HTML + CSS and Fonts

free joomla template Face2Face is the name of this Joomla template, released free by Template Kingdom. I don’t usually use Joomla but one has to admit there has been many excellent template themes for Joomla like this one, just as there are with WordPress.

I love the colors of this template: relatively light but not too bright to be eye friendly, very enjoyable to look at as a result of all those intermediary colors constantly found in nature. The layout is tight and contains as much content as possible yet leaves enough blank for outstanding texts such as a slogan.

If you are ever looking for a Joomla template that’s as gentle as green tea, refreshing with grass warmth, this theme is it.

You can download it here, it’s completely free.

Still thirst for more? Here’s the extra premium website templates.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Joomla Template Including Original PSD, HTML + CSS and Fonts”

  1. @Alejandro
    Sorry that I may have mistaken the paid one with free ones as I was keeping so many tabs open in FF and I didn’t quite make it out that while perhaps.

    Title changed.

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