I made digg homepage today!

It’s an article written by one of my friends and I did the first digg. In just 2 hours, it received over 400 diggs and made to the homepage of digg.com. Fortunately it’s on sitepoint so none of our own sites were crippled in the Digg Effect.

Check it out: http://digg.com/tech_news/Google_Reigns_Supreme

Many added me as their friends on Digg today. It just feels awesome!

Updated: 🙁 Turns out 90% of those who added me as digg friends are spammers just like I was once upon a time, though I rarely shouted around…..lol

3 thoughts on “I made digg homepage today!”

  1. My friend has a blog that got Digg’d 🙁
    It cost him £900 to cope with the popularity that followed…its paying off now though which I suppose is a good thing.

    How would DreamHost servers cope with the Digg effect?

  2. I am not really familiar about the effect of Digg in a website but I have digged several articles that are awesome, informative or sometimes fun to read. And since you mentioned that you have made dig homepage, I will dig it too 🙂

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