Ask Google for Astronomical Unit, proton mass, planet or sun’s mass and radius

To get the exact Astronomical Unit in kilometers:

astronomical unit
1 Astronomical Unit = 149 598 000 kilometers

To get Google to return the mass of proton:

mass of a proton
proton mass = 1.67262158 × 10-27 kilograms

To get the mass of any planet in solar system from Google, search by:


Will yield the mass of our planet Earth:

mass of Earth = 5.9742 × 1024 kilograms



And you will get the mass of Mars

mass of Mars = 6.4191 × 1023 kilograms

To get the radius of Uranus:

radius of Uranus = 25 559 kilometers

The same approach to get the radius of other planets hold true. Also you can get the radius of the Sun:

radius of the sun = 695 500 kilometers

Or the mass of the Sun:

mass of the sun = 1.98892 × 1030 kilograms
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