Google: Restrict matching results by searching only the anchor text, page title, page URL, page text or filetype

For a normal search, Google decides the best results and the web page order by a variety of matching criteria such as in anchor text, page title, page URL. Sometimes, however, you need Google just to search certain part of the entire spectrum of comparison candidate.

For example, to search with the matching phrase just in the URL of the web page:

inurl:google sucks

To search for results pages with ‘google sucks’ in the title element:

intitle:google sucks

You can also make this match more strict and an exact one by:

intitle:"google sucks"

To search web pages / websites that are called ‘google sucks’ from other web pages:

inanchor:google sucks

That is, if site A links to site B with the anchor text ‘google sucks’, the linked page on site B will emerge in the results.

You can also designate Google to only return results with the specified keywords or phrases in the page content or page text:

intext:google sucks

Each of the above search phrase operator: inanchor, inurl, intitle and intext can all be prepended by ‘all’, resulting in: allinanchor, allinurl, allintitle and allintext that prescribes all the words in the provided phrase must be in that part of the page or it won’t be a match.

To search a specific type of files for the matching results, for example, PDF files, use:

google sucks filetype:pdf

And Google will only return those PDF files that it finds the phrase ‘google sucks’ in.

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