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People close to me would know that I play piano for fun – not an advanced player but the best I can do is Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (only the 1st movement, -_-). I think everyone could learn one or two musical instruments and amuse themselves. Music is such a great endowment to us. It dispels the dismay, enriches our emotions and reignites the dreams for a beautiful life. A week ago I found some very nice music tunes at Audio Jungle (link to their most popular pieces) that is so inspirational and upbeatly pleasant. I can’t help but being motivated to be happy and creative. They are so simple yet so masterly composed. Listed below are what I like most. Hopefully they would resonate in you as well.

Live My Life

A Fortunate Day


Seeing is Believing

A Way To The Top

Positive Thinking


Energetic Corporate Pack

Business Music Pack

Top Classical Music

For people into classical music, here’s one of my sites: Top Classical Music. It tries to collect the best pieces of classical music arranged by authors and their epoch. Since fine MP3 files with impeccable quality are hard to come by, it’s very far from complete. I’ll try and get more pieces on the site when I can.

Here’s also a top 100 classical music board in Chinese.


Fill My Heart

Good New Day


Inspiring Uplifting Rock Intro

Movie Theme

Positive Hip Hop Pack 1

Starry Night Drive

Uplifting Energetic Emotional Dance

Inspiring Uplifting Corporate Pack

Ambient Piano

Inspiring Piano Bundle

Sweet Bliss

Epic Blockbuster Cinematic Trailer

Uplifting Trance

Epic Inspiration

A Real Estate

To Heroes

Cinematic Theme

Uplifting Inspiring Rock

Epic Action Hybrid Trailer


The Nature 170 MIX


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