Find the perfect page to build links on

Site-wide linking merely passes any more credit to the linked pages than single page linking. Linking from the homepage of a site isn’t always that sweetest after all. So what we got? The answer is to find the perfect pages to build links on.

There’re essentially 2 sorts of pages we’d love to have links to ours.

  1. Relevant pages.
  2. Powerful pages.

Okay, now you sit down scouring the directories and search engine results for sites in your industry, preparing to send a request for links or simply, offer to buy one. Isn’t it obvious that it’s most favorable to have a link on the homepage of those sites? Actually, no.

Even with an relevant site, you should take some time to find the page that passes the most relevancy to the linked page of yours. How to do this? Simple. Query Google by the phrase targeted terms , the page comes out first is what you are looking for – the most relevant to your targeted terms and should be the one that links back to your landing page.

To find the most powerful page of a site, you cannot rely on Google any more. It has a web wide fame of being fickle and I suggest jumpy webmasters stay away from them. 🙂 Anyway, simply feed it with the phrase of on Yahoo and the first page coming out is the baby –  the most powerful page of the site. It is wise to buy another link from this page after pursuing relevancy, especially if it is way more powerful than the rest.

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