Bad practices in PHP coding

As opposed to best practices, we may as well take this as a collection of worst practices of PHP programming.

I have been a PHP coder for 1 and a half years. Not an expert myself, but I learn as much as I can and try to code to the highest standard possible. Below are some worst practices I absolutely vote against. If you are ever going to learn PHP or just starting as a PHP novice, taking my advice would make you feel a lot better in the days to come.

What you shouldn’t do in PHP:

  1. Relying on register_globals or too many global variables across the application or using global $xxx too much in function definitions.
  2. Using double quotes instead of single quotes for plain strings that don’t have anything inside to be evaluated such as variables.
  3. Using whatever the user inputs without checking for malicious attempts or never validating user provided data before using it.
  4. Mixing HTML, PHP and SQL in a total mess that you can’t tell the logic from the presentation.
  5. Suppressing errors by @ without using isset() in a conditional logic to check resource availability first.
  6. Using a resource without first checking its availability.
  7. Suppressing errors with error_reporting(0) in development. Actually even in production phase, it’s highly frowned upon.
  8. Falling in love with eval().
  9. Using <? … ?> instead of <?php … ?> just for convenience.
  10. Copying redundant logic (code) here and there which basically does the same thing.

That’s all for me. So if you are a PHP developer, what’s the worst practice in your opinion?

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