Harness the power of exponential growth, part 2 – what can you do?

Well after reading the first part, I was a bit lost. What the hell is this guy talking about exactly? Yes, exponential growth it is, and we should all make sense out of it in our business endeavors wherever possible. Okay, it’s sweet but how? How is this concept going to help us? And what are the practical approaches we can take to get to real exponential growth?

Building websites that’s viral in nature

Plain information sites created and maintained by owners alone aren’t naturally viral because visitors don’t spread your site by themselves. They may, of course, if they are pleased to. But no matter how many incentives you provide, be it extremely beautiful site design, unbelievably useful content or even monetary rewarding referral program — it’s not viral in nature.

Natural viral sites, however, integrate human connections in the bare bone business model and the entire value providing process. The referral mechanism works inherently in the system rather than motivated by external factors.

An article directory is a typical naturally viral site. The idea is old but it works exponentially for the owner once its popularity passes the critical mass. Because it’s popular and bears lots of useful content, gaining unparalleled search engine authority and luring mountains of traffic, internet marketers flood to write even more articles for the site, making it even more useful and popular. Why not? It’s a win-win. The owner now can just sit there and enjoy the exponential growth. The groundwork — the past hard work — has paid off and now is working for the owner into the future.

Stuck with the business model? Choose wisely and make it viral in nature so 1 hour you spent on it now is worth hundreds in 3 years. Successful examples of article directory include wikipedia.org, ezinearticles.com and squidoo.com.

There are tons other naturally viral business models, one of the most common is email service. The communication via email, which is just the essence of it, advertises and spreads the service provider itself because you have to always make public your email address thus publicizing the provider’s domain.

reCAPTCHA is also a natural viral model.

Produce not only happy buyers / customers but extremely happy ones

By extremely happy, I mean they are so happy that they can’t wait to recommend you to their colleagues and friends. Businesses who produce such customers are a rarity. Things they hardly do or never did include but not limited to:

  1. Brewing breaking ideas and market them to the public instead of just tangible products or services. Because ideas spread.
  2. Creating products that deliver value 10 times the price.
  3. Making customers into fans by fixing everything they have screwed up. No questions asked.
  4. Proactively answering the plea for help 8 months after contract closure.
  5. Forming lifelong relationships with each and every customer, providing not only support but also personal help.
  6. …

Part 1: Harness the power of exponential growth

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