You never know what is right until you yourself try

A snippet from Kim Krause Berg:

It may not be intended for me, my gender, my age, my eyesight or my interests. It may be perfect for who it is designed for and it’s my job to inquire about that.

That’s the essence of the problem. Enough of so many self-crowned critics and experts think they know which is better and what should be done. Needless to say what we want – no, that’s what you want, not us nor everybody else, academics!

It’s even more brutally true with marketing. No one really knows how marketing works in the end. No one. Everyone has his own experiences and ways to get things done by a lot of trials and failures. As long as it generates positive results, it’s one of the right ways and all that is left is to keep refining your unique methodology for better yield, and possibly migrate it into other areas. This is what successful men do. They don’t assume but they sure have their own ways through personal practices.

Things change. People change. What holds true and dear today may very well fall behind, being regarded obsolete or even harmful. This is one of the main reasons why I don’t believe in any experts, especially in the business world.

Stock market is the perfect example to illustrate how accumulated random actions stack up as the real current economic expectations. No one outperforms the market in the long run no matter how the investors or opportunists strive to be ahead of the rest. It’s almost always in vain. So why not stop being so fussy about everything we do and just do what we want. Why not go with instincts and mend along the way instead of deliberately aiming to be correct and perfect in the first place.

You never know what is right until you yourself try. Rather than be told by some expert who think he can make everything right from the beginning simply by following the writings from another expert.

Give up, people who are spending their arms and legs to be outstanding. Those who turn out to be outstanding almost never started to be outstanding.

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