Free Online Skills Test for Freelance Web Developers and Programmers: PHP, MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript and More

Hire The Best There are plenty of freelancing jobs sites and outsourcing interactive platforms between service providers and clients now. Elance is probably the most renowned online freelance jobs brokerage firm. Why? Google tells me. 😉

Elance has the largest bunch of backlinks according to Google via query “”, over 2,400 as of now, the most prominent in the industry with the second being less than 1,000.

All the free skills tests Elance offers

Elance decided to offer all of the tests on 245 different subjects and professions free for all registered members on Feb. 9. I spent a whole night doing all the tests, failing a few: did MySQL (SQL can be very professional and demanding with real problems) and got a 52; did Internet Security and got a 58 — sucks doesn’t it. The good part is that though I have never deemed myself as a Linux professional but got a 78 test score for it, I guess it’s just I have so many websites myself to maintain and practiced a hell lot on SSH. 🙂

Displayed below is my list of scores for the 5 skills I chose for exhibit to the clients, all about web development and internet marketing of course: XHTML 1.0, CSS 2.0, SEO, PHP5 and AJAX — currently hot technologies and skills in demand.

elance free skills test

Each of the test

Each of the knowledge or skill test consists of 40 multiple / single choices questions with 40 minutes for you to work them out. I spent 20 — 30 minutes on average on each of them. I think this may depend on how much you are familiar with or skilled in that area.

After signing up as a free member, you can take the skill tests as many times as you want but there’s a 14-day interval between retakes so choose your answers carefully.

Complete list of available programming & web development skills tests

Active Directory
ADO.NET 2003
Adobe Flex Builder 2
Advanced Java
Advanced Php
Antispam and Antivirus
ASP 3.0
ASP.NET 2003
ASP.NET with SQL Server
Checkpoint Security
Cocoa programming for Mac OS X 10.5
ColdFusion MX 7
Computer Skills
Computer Technician
Data Modelling
Data Structures
Data Warehousing
DB2 Admin
DB2 Programming
Delphi 6
Developer 2000
Digital Signal Processing
Dot Net Fundamentals
Dot Net Nuke
Embedded System
Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 2.0
Facebook Open Platform Development
Fiber Optics
Firewall Concepts
Game Programming Concepts
Google Android Programming
Internet Security
JDBC 2.1
JSharp 2003
JSP 2.0
Kernel Programming (Solaris 2.x internals)
Lean Certification
Mac OS X 10.5
Microsoft Access 2000
Microsoft Access 2003
Microsoft Access 2007
Microsoft Excel 2003
Microsoft Excel 2007
Microsoft Office Live Web Design
Microsoft OutLook 2007
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007
Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Microsoft Visio 2007
Microsoft Word 2003
Microsoft Word 2007
Networking Concepts
Networking Design Infrastructure (Win)
Networking Infrastructure (Win)
Networking Server 2003
Networking XP
OOPS Concepts
OpenGL Programming
Oracle 10g
Oracle 9i Administration
Oracle Database 10g
Oracle Forms 9i
Oracle PL/Sql 10g
Oracle PL/SQL 9i
Oracle SQL 9i
osCommerce v2.2
Paypal Integration
Perl 5
Power Builder
Programming with C
Programming with C#
Programming with C++
Python 2.x
QuickBooks Pro 2008
Redhat Linux 9.0 Admin
Redhat Linux 9.0 General
Ruby on Rails
SOAP 1.2
Software Testing
Solaris 10 U4
System Analysis
System Programming
Total Quality Management Certification
Unix Shell Script
VB.NET 2003
Virtual Private Network
Visual Basic 6
Visual Studio
Voice Over IP
Web Services
Wi Fi
Wimax Technology
Windows NT
Windows Vista Administration
Windows XP
Wireless Electronics
3ds Max 8.0
3ds Max 9
Adobe After Effects 7.0
Adobe Fireworks CS3
Adobe Flash CS3
Adobe FrameMaker 8
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe InCopy CS3
Adobe InDesign CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS2
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Premiere
AutoCad 2007
Corel Ventura 10
CorelDraw X3
Digital Imaging
Dreamweaver CS3
FrontPage 2000
JavaScript 1.3
Joomla 1.5
Macromedia Director MX 2004
Macromedia FreeHand MX
Maya 7.0
PageMaker 7.0
Principles of Web Graphics Design
Quark XPress 7.0
Time Management

Hire The Best Like many others, as a web developer and marketer myself, I started by providing freelancing services while gradually building up my own online portfolio. Don’t need to rely on the work for a living now, but it doesn’t hurt to accept 1 or 2 freelance projects from time to time to know more people and to broaden your social network business wise upon a generous client.

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  2. Freelance web designer,
    i advice you to start learning next “Adobe Illustrator”
    it is too usefull to do logos and some nice designes as well

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