Smashing Magazine is sort of stupid

Millions of people in the web world digg Smashing Magazine for the full-fledged articles they publish that seem to be useful at first glance. Yeah, why not, at least they are all eye-candies with big titles.

While I myself enjoyed a few series back when they just started, many posts serve as great references to other helpful and even amazing individual resources. This is good. Because I can bookmark them all in one attempt.

However, articles written with no research at all but just blatant huge compilation of everything they can find on the web to stun people are everything but respectable. No, it’s just entertainment that amuses you at the moment and fades away after you leave.

It overwhelms and excites you, making you feel obligated to bookmark them, but hardly teaches you anything if at all. The posts are restless, so are the readers.

4 thoughts on “Smashing Magazine is sort of stupid”

  1. +1 Aardvarked…
    While actually browsing your site to see if you got better content than SM i realized it’s hard to find two things:
    1. Good Content
    2. A post with more than a couple of hundred characters on it,
    So yeah, i’m closing this window and buying SM’s book… At least they have posts in which you actually get to scroll down…

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