I’m bored. Let’s play the bloggers’ relay game!


Back when I started blogging in Chinese which I never did, I used to be goofing around all those fellow Chinese blogs and once in a while, you’d see something like this: one of the bloggers from a closely networked blogs would put forth an open question that’s fun to ponder about, answer it and relay it to someone he or she knows in the Blogsphere; the second blogger would then answer it him or herself and in turn pass it on to a third friend.

It roughly goes in this manner. I’m sure there has been similar games but I have never seen one in the English Blogsphere that I know of yet.

As much as I can think of, such a question should be

  1. Interesting and fun to ponder about, of course. Not only is it unusual but it has the potential to be answered in a thousand different ways.
  2. Blog readers and visitors would all be very much interested to know the answer of the blogger. They may even write out their own answers!

Now, here goes my question:

You wake up from a deep coma and find yourself in a well sealed cell. No windows, just a seamlessly shut iron door. It’s comfortable at first but not so much when you realize you are being detained and restricted in this way. You don’t remember enough to recall how and why you are here.

It’s chilly and you are gradually overwhelmed by fear. You started yelling for help until you believe there’s no one outside if the sound actually get through at all.

There’s a computer on yards away and even more weirdly it’s connected to the Internet. Now my questions are:

What is the first website you are going to type in and visit?

Well, for me the average ordinarily brained guy, I’d go enjoying a piece of xkcd first. Not likely? No, I doubt it I’d be that calm. So I guess I’d go find out what the current time is on date and time.

And, I’m going to pass this question on to Quick Online Tips, well, that is of course if he’s actually interested.

Wait a minute, I think it’d be more fun to actually try getting myself out of this creepy place by the help of Internet. How’d one do that?

So, what is your answer, fellows? Anyone who posts an answer to my question on his or her blog deserves a back link from this post. Please just comment here to get listed. I believe everyone is going to want to know what everyone else would do in such a situation.

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