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tshirt affiliate program:  tshirt hell Custom design and printing is what characterizes online T-shirt businesses that have come into boom since a few years back. A lot of people are making good money selling custom design tshirt. To tap into this niche, you can either come out with your own designs and promote the merchandise at Cafe Press, or you can earn good money by marketing others’ tshirts, that is, by the tshirt affiliate program.

Tshirt Hell makes a perfect example of what an online tshirt business should do in order to achieve success financially.

  1. Make an affiliate program – not only has there to be one but it also has to be an attractive one. In a market as open and free as the Internet, marketing ain’t easy. So it is only fair for marketers to earn a good cut of the profit. Tshirt Hell generously offers $4 affiliate reward for each and every sale, no exceptions on size or price: whether it’s a $15 sale or a $7 one, you get $4, no questions asked. Compare and you shall know, $4 commission per tshirt sale is a rather steep one that few tshirt sites can come up with.
  2. Let there be a 2-tier cut – 2-tier affiliate program means another affiliate marketer can sign up with the program under your name, and you will keep receiving a share of the profit whenever your referred affiliate makes a sale. Tshirt Hell again makes their program an appeal for all tshirt marketers with $1 per 2-tier affiliate sale forever for you. That means, every sale your referred affiliate makes, you will receive $1 reward for it. This is obviously a clever move as it instantly increases the possibility that their business and your earnings both go viral.
  3. Tshirts should be impulse buysTshirt Hell distinctly distinguishes themselves from other Tshirt designers and providers. A black sheep if you will. If you go and take a look at their unique designs, you will have no problem understanding why their products sell so well.

It’s all about the bad tshirts.

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