How to Create Blinking Text in HTML

Blinking texts are so 1999. Please by all means if you are still looking for the way to make text blink in HTML web pages, stop.

Otherwise, you may want to try these 2 outdated methods that only work partially across modern browsers, but not in IE:

The <blink> tag

<blink>I'm blinking!/<blink>

The blink text-decoration CSS rule property


<h1>Blinking texts are out</h1>

The CSS:

h1 {text-decoration:blink;}

5 thoughts on “How to Create Blinking Text in HTML”

  1. You may use a timer instead of using the tag.
    I have tested this on IE7 and Firefox. Both browsers allow this. However Chrome doesn’t work properly.
    Hope you got the answer….

    function blinkIt() {
    if (!document.all) return;
    else {
    s=document.all.tags('blink')[i];'visible') ?'hidden':'visible';

    Your text

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