Linux: How to open and extract an RAR zipped file and unrar the archive?

Funny I should use “zipped” for an RAR compressed package. Anyway, you can easily zip or unzip a zip file or tar compress a package, but how does one do it with an RAR file? WinRAR is well distributed across all Windows systems. But on Linux, you have to first install the command package rar.

However, if your host has been around for quite some time such as DreamHost, you will not need to install it yourself as it’s come with the system. Just fire up this command to unrar any RAR archives:

rar x myfiles.rar

Which will then extract all the data from myfiles.rar into the current working directory.

There are other commands you can rely on to achieve the same task though, depending on your host and the server distribution. For example, you may have unrar instead of rar. Other than these, you may also find RAR related installation packages on Debian and Ubuntu by:

aptitude search unrar

It will search and show you related available packages:

p   unrar-free                           - Unarchiver for .rar files

Which is another utility to unrar any RAR files on Linux. Just install it by aptitude install unrar-free and use to unpackage the compressed RAR.

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