How to change CJ password? (of Commission Junction)

This question has been asked a thousand times on the web and Commission Junction has apparently decided to make it harder for the affiliate publishers to find out how to change the password of their account.

To change your CJ account password,

  1. Log into the account area or control panel,
  2. Click “Account” of the top menu,
  3. In the “User Settings” fieldset at the bottom of the page, you must have a user that’s the Superuser of the current CJ account, edit this user account by clicking “Edit”,
  4. A small window should pop up, asking the you for the current password to continue,
  5. Enter your current CJ account password and click “OK”,
  6. The subsequent screen should look like this,
    change cj password
  7. Click “Create new” and the password changing fields should appear,
  8. Type in a new password and click “Save”.

Kind of elusive, huh?

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