My online income report – June, 2010

Edit: Forgot all the website advertising revenues other than AdSense. Added it.

So I thought I should start writing things that are more personal and interesting. I ended up with this crazy idea — posting about my online income. People always want to know how much people make online, and more importantly, how they have made the money online.

Listed below are my primary sources of income from last month, June, 2010.

  1. Google AdSense – $740.91
  2. Sales of my own products – $960.75
  3. Amazon Associate Program – $54.67
  4. Other affiliate / partner programs – $932.44
  5. Website advertising revenues other than AdSense (such as the buy sell ads on –¬†Roughly $250

And the total amount of earnings I have made online from last month is about¬†$2938. It’s not bad considering I spend like only 3 hours a day and 5 days a week working from home on my PC to get all this. The above earnings didn’t include my freelance projects which I used to rely on heavily for the primary source of income. I don’t quite like them because it’s not passive so I’m giving up on them. Unless it’s a very interesting project that I feel compelled to work on, I’d not do it for less than 5 figures.

If you would like to know how you can do this yourself, making 4 figures monthly, feel free to comment below and let me know. I will help as much as I can. Otherwise, what can you suggest as an interesting topic for

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  1. How can you do that? I am a LAMP developer.I like reading your articles! Please help me how making 4 figures monthly.Thank you!

    1. How good are you in LAMP developing? If you are better than average, you may get some decent rates looking for jobs at webmaster forums such as Make sure you provide a strong portfolio before advertising your services. The rate I was getting when I first got started there a few years ago for PHP developing was $10 – $15. Not bad for non-US freelance developers. If you keep pleasing your clients, you will soon find enough jobs to make it full-time. But it’s tiring because rarely any clients let you go without bothering you for fixes and changes. That’s why I left the job to find more passive income streams.

    1. I have quite some sites ranging across a variety of niches. Not just this blog and webmastery. However it’s definitely possible to hit this mark by a single site, but you need to have a remarkably great website to do that.

  2. Cool.

    I’m planning on launching my site this year – I’ve been doing frontend development for 2 years now since i finished school. Seeing this numbers really gives me some positive energy for future.

  3. Curious about your adsense earnings. How many sites is that on and how deep are those sites?

    Just curious trying to set estimated earnings for what adsense could bring on a site, plus curious about the amount of traffic you had in the last month. How many visitors did it take to earn that on adsense.

    That way I can set an estimated visitor/earnings for adsense to set rough estimates. Not sure if this is too many questions, but it would be great if you could answer it.


    1. Hey Brett.

      I have about 15 sites with adsense on them yet 2 of them makes 70% of the total revenues. Adsense revenues (eCPM, earning per thousand web page impressions) vary a lot by niches. Competitive niches such as medical or legal can make you more than $10 per thousand impressions yet entertainment niches such as games or music lyrics make you merely or even less than $0.5 per thousand impressions. It also depends on the positions of the ads you place on your page, a.k.a. how aggressive you can be on slapping the ads right in front the face of the visitors / readers.

      I can’t disclose my eCPM cause’ that’s against the Adsense TOS. The only thing I know is that it’s absolutely possible for any average person to make $5000 per month with Adsense, as long as he or she is eager to learn and try. You just have to take a lot of time: 1. start a blog / site in a specific niche, 2. research article ideas and title, 3. write fresh content every 2 days, 4. keep connecting with other people in the niche or keep building links. I used to hit the $2000 / month mark but Adsense earnings can be a roller roaster.

  4. Any estimated idea about the eCPM for a Content-hosting website in various categories?? How many banner ads (Google) do you suggest to be kept per page?

    1. eCPM varies violently across different niches. You have to try to know for sure.

      I usually put 3 text / image ads and 2 link units plus 1 or 2 search boxes.

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  7. I’m 17 years old and I’m pretty good with computers, and I was wondering where you think I should start since I’m new to this type of thing. Any suggestions from anyone would also be very appreciated. And is there any restrictions on this since I’m not 18?


    1. Like I said, start a blog right now to write about anything that you find useful and that you are eager to share with other people.

      Write the titles as if you are in the shoes of the visitors / readers – what you believe they would type in Google to search for the solution you are providing? This is in truth the most fundamental part of on-site SEO.

      Keep writing for 3 months and you should have some nice organic traffic from Google which you need to analyze by the site traffic logs and find out what keywords / key phrases they are using to arrive on your site, so that you know your best performing content that you will write more to attract ever more traffic. It goes on and on.

      After testing and keeping an eye on the results you will have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t. Repeat what works and keep experimenting new stuff and new ideas.

      In the mean time, be active in engaging the readers and your nichesphere – colleagues, friends, similar bloggers, etc. Connect with them, make friends. Give something valuable free in exchange for trust and backlinks.

      Basically, that’s it. When you are successful with one site that makes $500 – $1000 a month, you may want to build it not just a useful site but an authoritative site in your niche. OR, you can move on to other niches and start building other sites and repeat the above processes.

      Depending on your mindset and strategic capacity and luck, you will have an empire making at least 50 grand a year in 1 to 3 years. The best part is, it’s almost passive.

  8. I’m finishing up a website that can give people tips and tutorials on how to make website, with free web layouts and templates.

    I’m trying to finish by the end of the year and I wanted to ask you how much would you charge me to advertise my website on your website?

    I’m also trying make it as an online entrepreneur.

    Reading a forum like this gives me hope that one day I can also make it. Thanks in Advance.

  9. Hi Yang,

    I’ve been using Amazon affiliates on one of my blog for a while one month, i have read all your tricks on how to earn more with Amazon affiliates, it’s very useful. I think when I focus more products on my blog, I can get more conversion.

    Your earning report is much impressive, thanks to the post.

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