vBulletin: Change default height of editor and quick reply box

The quick reply box of vBulletin is by default about 100px or less in height which is bit small for large chunks of text editing such as code. To change the default height of the quick reply box without having to click the enlarge button manually every time, you’ll have to edit the template:

Changing default height of quick reply box

After you have logged in the /admincp:

Styles & Templates –> Style Manager –> Edit Templates (in the dropdown menu) –> double click Show Thread Templates (in the left selection of all the templates) –> double click “showthread_quickreply” –> search for “rows=” and you will arrive at the line you should edit.

However, just updating the rows property to a larger one won’t work, you have to manually add a style property like this:

rows="10" tabindex="1" cols="80" style="height:25em;" dir="{vb:stylevar textdirection}"

25em indicates that the quick reply box will be able to accommodate 40 lines of text within one scroll.

Now click “Save“.

Changing default height of advanced editor

The steps to change the default height or size of the advanced message editor in vBulletin goes similar. Instead of “showthread_quickreply“, just search for “editor_toolbar_on“. Search for “row=” or “textarea” and you will find the editor control. Add a style property just the same:

rows="10" tabindex="1" cols="80" style="height:40em;" dir="{vb:stylevar textdirection}"

These steps are for vBulletin 4.1.2. Some of the tutorials you can find for changing the default height of the editing boxes are a bit outdated and for older versions.

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