$6.99 .com domain coupon at GoDaddy for both registration and renewal

Update: Here’s the latest coupon code of Godaddy – $1.49 / year .com

A quick short post for my fellow readers.

If you have quite some domains with GoDaddy, you’d know that ever since they raised the price for .com by $0.5, to find a $6.99 .com GoDaddy domain coupon is rather difficult now. Most of the coupons there like OYH3 only offers a discount of $2.50 which works out as $7.49 .com domain names.

However, with this coupon: yhkw105a, you can register a new .com domain name at just $6.99 plus $0.20 ICANN fee per domain per year. It’s also valid for domain renewals. I just renewed some of my domains with it for 2 years.

I don’t know when it expires yet. But I suggest you go with it now and maybe renew a few of your domains. It’s a bargain without a doubt.

Update: The above domain coupon yhkw105a has expired, the best GoDaddy .com registration and renewal coupon I can find now seems to be this one: DNF2 which offers $7.39 + ICANN fee per .com registration or renewal. It also seems to be permanent. Still looking for a $6.99 renewal GoDaddy code that works.

Update: At present, the best .org new registration discount code of GoDaddy I can find is EMFB7. You can register a new .org multiple years for just $7.49 per with it.

Update: The lowest possible price for .com renewal at GoDaddy is $6.99. Just use the code DNF5 when you renew no less than 5 domains at a time.

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