I dismiss SEO

Other than a descriptive title and a few describing words about what the current page is about, there’s no more needed to be done SEO-wise. No more. Period.

Why, when I can create art, fulfill dreams, amuse and please my users and make them feel they have never been treated so well on other sites, should I spend majority of the time doing SEO chores and hunting for a few pathetic back links?

3 thoughts on “I dismiss SEO”

  1. because no matter how well designed and gorgeous a website is, it’s worthless if nobody sees it.

    and, unfortunately, site spammers have ensured that your site will never be found by search engines because they have so terribly seo-overloaded their site that it pushes the ones that are actually relevant (yours) about 20 pages back.

    1. I think that just means the niche lacks really good sites. I believe if your site is good enough, it will win in the long run. Google will try everything to ensure this.

  2. I like this you have a valid point… but unfortunately so does Jessica… everyone thinks they are a ‘SEO specialist’ these days and want to change business big $$$ for SEO and they dont even know the basics… so I have found out the hard way

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