Katrina Costedio Steals (KatrinaCostedio.com)

Katrina Costedio currently lives in Sarasota, Florida and has a small design firm (katrinacostedio.com) that attends to small business needs doing all kinds of design work: print design, card design, logo design and web design. She’s planning to go to San Francisco, California, though.

I worked for her on 2 projects, namely maahs acupuncture clinic site, including PSD to CSS/HTML service and a php contact form; and obrienorganics.com including ALL stuff that’s basically from PSD design to everything — PSD to CSS/HTML, php CMS and shopping cart. Other than these, I have helped her with other sites as well:

  1. some wordpress work for burkethejerk.com
  2. fixing a few css and javascript errors for searchlight-partners.com
  3. there’s some more I can’t remember now…

Katrina Costedio would have been a good lady, if she has kept her words and not stolen my work without paying me a penny.

Below is an email message I planned to send her but understandably as  she might have blacklisted me, I’ll just post it here for all to see:

So obrienorganics.com launches with my code? You know you haven’t paid me a penny for it, so technically it’s all my property and you are stealing. We never had any contract that says if all goes this way, you unconditionally own everything I did.I thought you said you would be losing thousands dollars more to finish what I started. I beg your pardon. It’s you who shut me off from the servers and projects by suddenly changing all the login passwords. I feel stupid and betrayed the next morning when I found out I couldn’t log in any more. Not to mention you never started from scratch again. Instead, you stole my work shamelessly for your own clients. Because I have spent a month on your project and it’s almost done!

Katrina Costedio is stealing.

You crapped my code as unsecure and stolen yet you use it with no shame. What kind of b*tch are you? (I still have all her original words in my mail box.)

Also we haven’t finished up with my “copyright” issues yet, which file did you say I stole from other people and didn’t even bother to remove the copyright information? Ohhh, if it happends to be jquery.js or csshover3.htc, they are licensed under LGPL for crying out loud and almost all sites use them! I can’t believe you were trying to come up with this kind of shit to demonize me? So that you can take my hard work free? At least get a programming class before doing that, katie.

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