Download Web Safe Simplified Chinese Fonts: Song Ti, Hei Ti, Youyuan, Lishu, MS Ya Hei

As requested by a reader of Make A Website that wants to know where to download web safe chinese fonts. I have now packaged them in a ZIP for download in case any more of you wants to use them for Chinese web projects.

Click to download the fonts.
No more download of fonts because of potential copyright infringement – you may google search and download them directly from Microsoft or other sites instead:

– Microsoft YaHei
– Microsoft YaHei Bold
– SimSun, NSimSun
– SimHei
– Song Ti font
– Hei Ti font
– You Yuan font
– Li Shu font

Included are the most common fonts of Simplified Chinese in mainland China: Song Ti, Hei Ti, Youyuan, Lishu and MS Ya Hei. You can view the detailed information about them at here. I used to have a total English version of Windows XP but now can’t quite remember how you must install the charset and encoding for Chinese / Asian languages first before displaying Chinese correctly on your system before using the Mandarin fonts.

4 thoughts on “Download Web Safe Simplified Chinese Fonts: Song Ti, Hei Ti, Youyuan, Lishu, MS Ya Hei”

  1. Hi. This is such a useful site, thanks so much. It is stupid that for legal reasons you cannot provide the service you were offering, and instead we have to go all over the web searching for these fonts. If you share the fonts with me directly to my email (included here) would that be OK? It’s like sharing between friends, which is perfectly legal. (That’s why I can loan a CD to you, for example, or lend you my book to read.) Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    I’d really like a copy of these fonts as well. Could you email them to me? I’m working on a site for mainland China and I would greatly appreciate being able to use these beautiful fonts. In the name of typography!

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