How to get a web address (top level domain)?

There are millions of websites online, each of which has its own unique web address or domain. It’s what the visitors, us, use to type in the browser address bar and go to the site. It universally identifies a website on the web. And it’s something EVERYONE can have.

Yes, you can have one too, in just a minute or even less. You completely own the top level website address in regards to legal terms. It’s officially a piece of the online real estate.

All right, for those of you who can’t wait to own your first web address such as or, here’s how you can get a domain name:

  1. Navigate to one of the best domain registrars. You may first register an account with them by Create an Account.
  2. Search for a web address or domain by typing it in the “Search For A Domain text box. For example,, and click “Go!“.
  3. The system then prompts with all the results showing the availability of the web address which end in a variety of TLD (Top Level Domain). The domain of your choice may or may not be available with regards to its generic-ness because others may very probably have registered and owned it.
    You will also see .com is unavailable the most of time, so you may choose to go with other top level domains such as .net, .org or .us.
  4. After you have made the decision and selected one or more of the web addresses listed by checking the check box before them, you will click “Add to Cart” to process your order of the web addresses. At the same time, you may consider adding domain privacy which basically prevent others from knowing your ownership of the domain.
  5. The web address is now placed in your cart. Click “Checkout” to check out.
  6. If you have not registered an account with them, now is the time. After you have successfully created the account, you will be able to pay for the web address / top level domain of your choice.
  7. An order confirmation email should be sent to your email inbox to inform you of the your successful purchase of the domain name.

Well, if you have followed these steps to this point, you have had your first ever website address! You may create a website for it and spread the address to your friends! They can visit your website by typing the web address in the browser address bar!

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