DreamHost Discount Code: Firefox 3 Sucks!

Why haven’t Google integrated their toolbar into Chrome yet? Firefox 3 absolutely sucks in the loading time and browsing speed. Scrolling through a heavy web page with lots of visual elements such as images is just a pain in the ass and on average, I have to restart the so-called most advanced modern browser 3 times everyday. Plus, it’s everything but fun when I have typed a thousand words in WordPress that the browser suddenly freezes itself.

I don’t know why it’s so hard, Chrome can make it a breeze, why can’t the people at Mozilla?!

To express my anger toward the Mozilla team, I’m releasing this Dreamhost discount code:


Which gives you 1 unique IP and 3 lifetime free domain registrations when you order yearly hosting plans from them. Their signing up process has gone through some changes in that you now get the chance to try it free for a certain period of time before actually plummeting into paying.

Just enter the discount code FF3SUCKS in the Promo Code box at signup.

Disclosure: I get a $15 one-time compensation from Dreamhost when you use this discount code.

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