Jointly Hosted – Non-profit shared dedicated hosting service

Jointly Hosted is one of our latest ventures. Basically it’s a non-profit shared dedicated hosting service that provides dedicated hosting at shared hosting price tag, yet much better in terms of server performance than other shared solution providers. How do we do that?

  1. We make no profit by selling servers themselves. The server is provided to a number of users at almost the original price (plus 20% for PayPal fees and time spent on monitoring the server for performance and uptime, as well as administrating the user forum community).
  2. We never oversell. We try to make the monthly subscription charges of each account within $20, and we slice a common dedicated server among just 10 — 20 users. In contrast, most affordable hosting providers jam hundreds of users into a single dedicated server, severely slowing the service down, thus the performance of your websites.
  3. We only buy in fully managed, monitored and secured servers from the most prestigious hosting providers. Such as WiredTree, SoftLayer and RackSpace.

So you resell dedicated servers?

Not really because we are just middle man who consolidates people together to make sharing a dedicated server possible. We also provide a hangout place for you guys to meet and connect.


To be honestly, we can’t provide as sophisticated support as that of other for-profit hosting businesses. But we have set up a community forum for you to publicly discuss stuff and complain about things. We will respond to any reasonable requests for support such as adding software packages to the server, in the premise that it would not affect other users on the server. We will also relay the message to the server provider.

There will also be a server performance monitor script where all users of the server can check out who is using how much CPU, RAM and bandwidth, etc.

With the absolute underselling policy of Jointly Hosted, the server will be far from reaching its full capacity most of time. Vast majority of the performance problems will not be possible in the first place. Need for support is reduced to the minimum.

How do we profit then?

We will first try to maintain a non-profit state by the current pricing scheme for a while, without creating any negative balance, to see where it would head. When this all takes off and people start feeling it’s worth a few extra bucks to have a shared dedicated hosting account that guarantees cost-effectiveness and reliability, we will take the next step as to profit as a self-sustainable business. Possible venues include:

  1. Forum advertising
  2. Paid support
  3. Accompanied services

Therefore, we and our users stand in the same line instead of against each other. We will NEVER increase the profit margin by crowding the servers which goes against the rights of the users.

Not convinced?

Take a look at our first server, every account comes with a dedicated unique IP!

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