Rackspace Referral Discount

By Rackspace I mean Rackspace.com the managed dedicated hosting service, not RackspaceCloud.com the cloud hosting. I’ve been talking a lot lately about Rackspace Cloud so I thought I’d make it clear. 😉

Check them out, they are pretty much the most expensive host you can find on the web. Their most basic server costs over $400 a month with 2TB monthly bandwidth. It’s by all means not a generous offer but it’s probably the most reliable and responsive platform you will ever need to know. They have the best uptime across the entire industry. A profitable online business deserves an uptime of 100%, because every minute of down time costs you money — no matter how solid and perfect your website is, it’s nothing when it’s down.

Rackspace provides the best support to its clients. They are not just a hosting provider, they are the all-around IT company who you can trust your entire IT infrastructure with. They take over everything from creating to optimizing, and monitoring to troubleshooting. When something goes wrong, chances are they have actively found and fixed it even before you know it. Many of the top players use Rackspace for their hosting needs. WHT, the Internet’s No.1 web hosting forum, has been with them for years. In a word, Rackspace is the kind of hosting you need when every second of your business counts.

5% Referral Discount for You

Anyway, as I’m a partner of Rackspace, I can earn or give 5% discount off any of their managed dedicated server packages. Shoot me a message about your intention to host with them, so I can get you the 5% discount and ask them to contact you. I’m currently not relying on this to make a living so, it’s better to pass along the favor than letting my partnership with them sitting in dust.

As per FTC requirement, I’m not making any money off this at all. 😉

Cloud Hosting

If you find their dedicated service a little more privileged than you can afford, their cloud hosting may be a better deal. Use this promo code for Rackspace Cloud to get a discount off their cloud hosting plans.

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