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Rackspace Cloud Promo or Referral Code: REF-YYVital Update: According to the partners program manager at Rackspace Cloud, Kenard Horsley, who informed me of the decision via email, the promotion of $25 discount for Cloud Sites will be ended on 18th, March (2010). All the promo codes will be annulled by then except for Cloud Servers. If you intend to sign up with them, now is the time. Use the promo code (Code ID=134) to grab the $25 deal before it is gone forever.

Activate Promo Code (ID=134) at RackspaceCloud.com »

As the entrenched leader in cloud hosting, Rackspace Cloud is the cloud products division of Rackspace, the world renowned managed dedicated hosting provider. To make a long story short, cloud hosting is simply multiple servers (a pool of servers) simultaneously hosting for your websites and web applications. It’s the base of SaaS hosting. With the Rackspace Cloud promo code:

(Promo ID=134) click to activate

You can try their Cloud Sites, the managed cloud hosting package for 30 days on unconditional money back policy in addition to an extra $25 discount off the first month (rebate to your credit card).

What are the Cloud benefits?

  1. It handles usage / traffic spikes much better than any other types of hosting can. Because it automatically scales and distribute computing resources on demand on the fly!
  2. It provides failover that no single dedicated server can, drastically reducing the chance of down times by instantly switching to a redundant server in the cloud. Well, actually not that much of a redundant server because that server is part of the cloud all the time. Because each of your sites is hosted simultaneously on a couple of distributed servers, if one server fails or falls off the network grid, the service is still online on the other servers.
  3. It bills you in the manner of utility, thus no mountainous sunk cost ever for businesses to build up information technology infrastructure of their own. Use as much as you need and pay only for what you use.

What are there?

At Rackspace Cloud, they have created 3 distinct product lines, namely Cloud Sites, Cloud Servers and Cloud Files. Each plan has its own scaling model. Aside from their unique online application to manage your account and websites, you know, creating and editing stuff such as databases, email accounts and down line clients, you will also be allocated certain amount of hosting capacity.

With Cloud Sites at the base price $100 per month, you will have:

  1. 50GB disk storage
  2. 500GB monthly transfer
  3. 10,000 cloud computing cycles (roughly equal to the full capacity of a 2.8 GHz modern processor for a month)
  4. 24 x 7 x 365 online live chat and toll free phone support backed by Fanatical Supportâ„¢
  5. Both Linux (for LAMP projects) and Windows (for .NET projects) platforms are available at your convenience
  6. Cloud clustering: automatic scaling to the highest capacity available
  7. Resource floors: contrary to Amazon EC2 using ceilings to restrict hosting resource usage, Rackspace Cloud guarantees a floor (minimum resource capacity that will always be exclusively available to you) and gives you as much extra resource as possible when you need them most.

Rackspace Cloud promotion code

You can get all these plus $25 discount by using the Rackspace Cloud promo code:

(Promo ID=134) click to activate

Simply enter the code (Promo ID=134) into the Promo or Referral Code box when you are ordering Cloud Sites:

Enter the promo code in the Promo or Referral Code text box

Activate Promo Code (ID=134) at RackspaceCloud.com »

The discount is available to you at the end of the month as a rebate once you pass the 30-day risk free trial threshold — yes, you can cancel any time you want without risking any money at all. Absolutely free trial in the first 30 days.

This referral code also applies for Cloud Servers and gives you $10 discount off the first month.

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  2. The $25 discount promotion of Cloud Sites is ending 18th, March (yep, next month). So anyone interested in this deal would better be quick to grab it before it expires.

    They (Rackspace Cloud) is incurring major changes to their affiliate program and they have shifted the marketing power from Cloud Sites to Cloud Servers. That’s the reason why the promotions are being called off.

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