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How to convert .png, .gif, .bmp or .jpg images to .ico icons to make favicon.ico for your website?

image conversion tool Over a year ago I created this online web application Convert Hub by the help of the splendid open source image manipulation library Netpbm. Give it a try, upload an image and convert it to another format. But not just that, it’s also capable of resizing an image, rotating or flipping it.

I love it. It’s simple yet adequately useful. The best part of it for a webmaster like me is that it can convert other image formats such as .bmp, .jpg, .gif and .png to .ico so I can use them as favicon.ico for my sites. Try these US state flags and convert them in any way you want!

It’s a great tool and gained tremendous popularity. I know this because one day DreamHost warned me of overwhelming server resource usage and took it down for good reasons. I had to move it elsewhere and Linode is where it currently resides on.

Server side computing is too expensive for a free application like this. After a few ideas and thoughts, I decided to create a client side software program to do the job instead. It’s called Batch Image Converter. And it proves to be much better. It doesn’t come with a daily limit on the number of conversions allowed per IP but you can do as many conversions as you want. The whole software consists of one single executable file, there’s even no need to go through any installation steps. It’s totally green to your system. What’s best, it can work in batches which means you are able to perform operations such as format conversion and dimension resizing on a lot of images by a single click.

All you need is to download it there. It’s free. The problem is that it only supports Windows for now. I’m planning on rolling out versions for other platforms but this may not happen soon.

Please do let me know what you think of the application in the forum.

Kavoir & Whatever My Products & Services, the simple PayPal online store creator

I just created a simple PayPal store creator, It enables you to sell digital stuff online and collects payments via PayPal. By the help of IPN, it can be accepting orders 24 / 7 and automatically delivering the goods after confirming the customer payment. Completely autopilot.

The original idea was to enable uploading and downloading of the product package. However, because I want to make this free, I’d better not take on the overwhelming bills of bandwidth, so I’m afraid for now, the users / merchants have to host the files themselves and provide but a download link to the cargo when creating the store at

Please feel free to go ahead and test the small application and let me know of your ideas in the forum.

Did I mention that you can create coupons or promo codes for your products so the buyers can get promotional discounts? 😉

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Thesis Theme Review – Don’t just create good products but irresistable ones.

Merely good product is far from enough. To rake in profits in the magnitude vast majority of us can only dream of, you need an irresistible product – just like Thesis Theme. Think of something you’ve purchased that’s been insanely useful, beautiful and user friendly and then double it.

iPhone has proved it all. It converts massive numbers of mobile users and introduces a grand new era of mobile computing. The best part is that it easily compels all the users who now desire more to put everything Apple releases in future on their must-buy list. I can’t think of anything else in the IT world in the past decades that has come up even close. The products have not been released nor announced yet. However, that’s the kind of appeal irresistible products create.

Kavoir & Whatever vBulletin Tips

Introducing Kavoir Backyard

Update: I finally decided to move the whole vbulletin installation over from to It’s called Kavoir Backyard.

I created a sub-forums section at Jointly Hosted for, feel free to register an account, it’s here:

For now, almost all the boards are dedicated to technical topics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, etc.) of web development. If you have any questions regarding developing a website, post them there, interested people and I will try to help you as much as we can. Should these forums become popular, we will add more forums that appeal to webmasters.

To reduce spam, we have disabled signature for all new registrations, you will need 15 posts to be able to use signature which will be automatically enabled for you after your exceeding 15 in the number of posts.

Enjoy! 😉

Kavoir & Whatever

Amateurish DIY Logo

source of nothing

I was bored and then I made this logo. It’d make great profile avatar for forums and other online applications! I would also like to create a logo in this style.

Have your say!

Kavoir & Whatever

My confession as required by the US government

As far as fellow bloggers and affiliate marketers are concerned, there’s an update of new rules to the FTC guidance of how to give endorsements and testimonials in advertisements and affiliate promotions.

The giver of endorsements and testimonials for the promotion and marketing of a product or service should make clear of the behind-scene material connections that may have been the incentive of such activity.

Now here’s my perfect chance of confessing to my fellow readers. I’m an independent web developer and internet marketer who occasionally promotes related products and services on this blog, Though I try my best to approach only the best of their kinds because I’m personally a user of most of them, I’m compensated by affiliate commissions if I successfully persuaded you to reach for your wallet.

You know all these, of course. 😉

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Free 2GB HTML static web pages hosting

Dropbox - Sync your filesFor every free Dropbox plan, it comes with 2GB online backup storage that has a public folder in which you can publish HTML web page files that are publicly accessible around the Web. It will give you a URL that you can hand out to your friends so they can view the page on the Web anywhere anytime.

Basically, a free static HTML web hosting space (with potentially unlimited transfer).

Simply download the software and sign up with them, put the HTML file in the “Public” folder of your specified Dropbox directory. After a few seconds’ synchronization when there finally turns up a small green tick at the bottom left corner the file icon (which means the synchronization is successfully completed), right click on the file, point to “Dropbox” for the submenu and select “Copy Public Link”. Now you have the public URL address of the page.

Paste it into the address bar of your favorite browser, bravo! Now you have your own HTML web pages freely hosted on the Web! Check out what I’ve published on Dropbox!

The brilliant part is the ease of the hosting. Just create more web documents such as audio files, images and HTML pages, put them in the “Public” folder and you will have them online in no time because Dropbox automatically synchronizes everything you put in the folder. Want to modify the existing files, fine, just do it, save the changes and Dropbox would also automatically synchronize the update to the remote server.

Dropbox is not just a public host though, it’s easy to use and rocks as a photo gallery, online backup storage, file sharing and synchronizing machine.

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Hawkhost review

hawkhost It’s the first time I move to another host from Dreamhost (the last move to Linode was about some of my other sites). The entire move was great except that I was not quite familiar with cPanel and choked a little bit on the transfer and setup of all the interconnected files and database that had been spawned for the last 2 years.

The fact that Hawk host is using Litespeed instead of Apache caused some minor incompatibility issues – at least so it seemed – about which I contacted the support team. They got back to me after approximately an hour, friendly and helpful. The results are positive and problem successfully solved.

Though you will not find parallel documentations with Litespeed against Apache, they are generally interchangeable and Litespeed can handle about double or even triple the traffic of Apache with the same server resources (their official comparison). I think that’s one of the top reasons why Hawk host has been able to offer such a budget hosting without compromising the performance and reliability.

After confirming the domain was resolving to the new IP of Hawkhost, the next thing I did was to examine the loading speed of Kavoir. Results are shown below by Internet Supervision:

loading speed of hawkhost

The speed test stats were quite impressive, averaging at about 450 Kbps, the highest of all the stats I got from Dreamhost, Linode and (though very incomplete to compare and give final judgment of the overall serving speed of these hosting providers).

All the reviews I found about Hawkhost on the web and WHT have been rather positive and purchase-encouraging. Search and read, so you know if you want to try them out with a few of your low traffic websites.

I’ll keep you updated for the months coming.

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Dropbox review – the most intuitive online backup storage, data synchronizing and files sharing software

Dropbox - file sync, sharing and backupI’ve tried quite a few online backup services to back up my valuable website data – you just can’t imagine what a nightmare it would be to lose all the files that you’ve been working on for the last half year – I even created my own backup programs that automatically syncs and stores designated files across multiple hosts, however, Dropbox has been the most intuitive application so far.

It’s revealed by Dropbox that backup shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

They’ve got a very slick clean style, both the application as well as the website are so designed that anybody can figure the whole thing out at a glance of 5 seconds. And that’s it. Everything you need to ever know is merely a folder named “My Dropbox”. Thus it goes incredibly breezy on first time users, doing the job perfectly and silently even when you have forgotten it.

Install and forget.

Working from the desktop of Windows, Linux and Mac, Dropbox is not just an online data storage provider, it’s also at its best as a data backup system, files sharing wizard, automatic synchronizerway-back time machine and free file host.

  1. Offsite remote data storage: this goes without saying. All files and data you put into the “My Dropbox” folder is automatically and quietly transferred to and stored at the their central server securely.
  2. Backup system: intuitively, after you have hit the save button, the document has been backed up on Dropbox servers. Otherwise, just drag and drop anything you’d like backed up on the remote server so a local hard drive crash won’t make you go nuts.
  3. Files sharing wizard: all the files and media (music, videos, photos etc.) can be instantly accessible and downloaded from the central servers across all the computers and mobile devices such as iphone that have Dropbox software installed.
  4. Automatic synchronizer: editing a document, saving it in the “My Dropbox” folder of your office PC and you can continue working on it after opening it from the same folder of your home Mac. The next day, you just open the same file in your office PC and it’s exactly the same file! Basically, any changes you made to those files are instantly synced to the server, thus across all computers of the sync software installed.
  5. Way-back time machineDropbox keeps historical versions of your files for 30 days by default, so that you can undo any changes or deletions you regret.
  6. Free file hosting: simply put any file into the “Public” folder and you will be given a public web address (URL) to hand out to your friends and everyone else so that they can view and download it.

Try them for free for 14 days and be ready to be impressed.

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Key Differences between the Web Design of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo

Microsoft and Yahoo is colorful in colors but Google is colorful in the imagination.

Google uses much less colors than Microsoft and Yahoo do. Yet somehow, Google comes out as the versatile one.

Google uses much more traditional colors than Microsoft and Yahoo do and rarely change in the style, yet it comes out as the innovative one.

Google has much less web page elements than either Microsoft or Yahoo, yet it has come to be known as the sophisticated one.

Openness is rich in Google in that they design all of their pages with no distinct boundaries at all on a plain white blank sheet stretching as wide as the browser window / computer screen. On the contrary, Microsoft and Yahoo believes in borders, boxes and restrictions.