The Planet Coupon Promo Code for 50% – 70% Off Dedicated Servers

the planet coupon of hostingOverture: Apply this Rackspace Cloud promo code to get $25 rebate / refund discount of the Rackspace Cloud managed hosting. Read some reviews of them.

Update: I’m very pleased to warn you that this The Planet dedicated server coupon code is so UNIQUE and POWERFUL that it gives an incredible discount on the plan Dual Xeon 2.8ghz, 2GB RAM, 2x73GB SCSI which you can order for just $89 per month with promo code: sesr, a price not only far lower than the original $269 but even much lower than that of the official promotional campaign of The Planet currently run at Web Hosting Talk. Just check out this sticky thread. You can see they are offering the exactly same server for $130.


The Planet is perhaps one of the most prestigious dedicated hosting providers on the planet, along with RackSpace and SoftLayer. It hosts for HostGator. This week as I was looking for some additional hosts to accommodate the growth of a few of my sites, I found a very good deal from them. It’s a promotional code that instantly slices 50% – 70% off the pricing of the entire line of their dedicated products — well maybe not the entire line but it worked with all the servers on which I tried the code.

Just head to and choose the server you’d like to sign up with by clicking ‘Order Now’. On the opened page find the ‘Promotional Code’ textbox on the right. Enter the coupon code:


And click ‘Apply’. If it’s successfully validated, you should be able to see the Monthly Price being discounted by 50% or so. Note that the code will NOT work in uppercase.

For instance, with this promo code,

the planet coupon discounts

Dual Xeon 2.8Ghz + 2GB RAM + 2x73GB SCSI at just $89 per month is ABSOLUTELY a dedicated hosting deal! Just head to the product page and enter the coupon code!

There’s still the setup fee though, so for the first month you’d have to pay an extra $25 unless you use this tip. Fire up the live chat and talk to a sales rep, ask for it and chances are you will get it waived. I talked to one of them and they seem pretty fine with that.

Use the coupon code to get bonus features of WiredTree.

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